Hannah Perry is the founder of The Giggling Pig Art and Party Studio, located in Connecticut (USA).

Join Hannah, and Ramon Ray, founder of SmartHustle.com, on this new series of the Smart Hustle Podcast, Hannah’s Journey!

We’ll follow Hannah on her journey through the hustle, the Smart Hustle of business growth.

Episode 1

Who is Hannah, Franchising, Team Building

Episode 2

How does Hannah conquer challenges in business (and life)?

Episode 3

Creating your own app and raising prices

Episode 4

Have a back up plan; freshen up your business

Episode 5

Every business owner is a marketer

Hannah PerryAbout Hannah Perry

Originally from the UK, Hannah moved to America when she was 19.

Hannah came to the USA with less than $20, huge dreams, and a heart of determination and grit.

Her first job, for many years, was as an au pair.

She studied childhood education and development in college, a lifelong passion.

After 10 years of being a nanny, Hannah took a leap of faith to start her own business, which today is The Giggling Pig Art and Party Studio.

Today the studio is a franchise.

We’ll follow her success and challenges.

We’ll learn, along with Hannah, about marketing, sales, hiring, firing, cash flow, profit, technology, leadership and more!