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It’s time for small businesses to join the big data revolution! Giant corporations have been leveraging big data for years, but analytics aren’t just for the big guys anymore. You’re probably thinking that data analysis just isn’t in your budget. It’s true that when people hear “big data” they often think of big dollar signs. But what if you didn’t need an IT department, data scientists, or expensive software to gain access to invaluable customer data? There are FREE analytic tools that offer easy to digest and actionable insights! Here are some tools that can help you grow your business, retain current customers and bring in new ones, and improve and personalize the customer experience:

Google Analytics

One of the most popular free analytic tools on the market—and for good reason! This popular tool is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance. Google Analytics provides the basics such as user demographics and location. It also provides insight on

  • website traffic and source,
  • session duration,
  • bounce rates, and
  • conversions.

It’s especially great for measuring advertising ROI since it's tied right into Google Adsense and will simultaneously track that information along with your website data. The popularity of Google Analytics also means that there is plenty of knowledge and support out there should you need additional resources.


For great insight on how your customers interact with your website, try Clicky. This real-time free analytic tool offers site-page heatmapping that lets you see where visitors’ cursors moved on your page and where they dropped off. Clicky’s visual features help give you a better idea of what’s working well on your website and what’s not.


If you want insight into why customers are engaging a certain way on your site, MixPanel is a great free analytic tool. Their specialty is machine learning-based behavior analytics to help you understand your customer’s journey. You can see when to give a customer a little nudge, like if they abandoned their cart or left your site at a particular point.


Matomo (formerly Piwik) is a great choice if you are looking for a little bit more privacy with regard to your information. This free, open source data analytics tool allows you to store your data on your own server, unlike remote-hosted services. Matomo also uniquely allows you to choose whether or not your customers’ behavior information is shared with advertising companies. You can use Matomo to measure data from your

  • mobile apps,
  • website, and
  • software applications.

Another advantage is that Matomo has no data limit and reports on all of your data (no data sampling) which gives you a more accurate picture. Matomo offers features like

  • real-time analytics,
  • customizable dashboards,
  • event and content tracking,
  • search analytics, 
  • marketing campaigns, and
  • geolocation to name a few.

They also offer a premium option that includes session recording, heat mapping, user flow analytics, and A/B testing.


If your company has an app, Flurry should be an essential part of your analytics toolkit. Loaded with features, Flurry was developed by the Yahoo! Developer Network specifically for collecting data for apps. Its strengths include helping you work out

  • customer experience issues,
  • optimize conversion rates,
  • and more.

Flurry gives you access to demographics, and how your customers are finding you and on what devices they are accessing your content. Reports are easy to generate and segment.

Facebook Insights

Insights give Facebook small business owners access to key data like page consumption, lifetime total likes, and friends of fans. These metrics help you understand how many people liked your page, how many people can potentially be reached, and how many people were actually reached. You can export the information from Insights into Excel to analyze in order to make the most out of your Facebook marketing efforts. Instagram and Twitter have similar applications that make tracking your data easy—and free!

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