Fear of Starting

Fear. It comes in all forms and disguises. Whether it’s your heart racing before you jump off a diving board or the anxiety that hits before you launch a new business idea, everyone experiences it and everyone reacts differently to it.

Watch and share this video of the founder of SmartHustle.com, Ramon Ray face his fears.

Fear plays a pivotal role in businesses, and it can bring about either help or harm. There are many different sources of fear when it comes to running a business: fear of insufficient funds, fear of opposition, fear of failure, etc. But how you let these fears affect you is a deciding factor in the outcome of your business plans.

Let’s take the fear of failure as an example.

Many entrepreneurs let the fear of failure paralyze them, thus putting a limit to the growth of their businesses. Because they are afraid to fail, they begin to over-analyze every situation. Instead of working on delivering results, endless hours are spent reading over data and mulling over charts. Although this kind of precaution is necessary, fear can cause this precaution to create unnecessary limits. When fear sets in and negativity is the driving force, entrepreneurs shy away from challenging ventures, and stick with easier, more stable propositions. Fear blinds the eyes of entrepreneurs and creates a fence of security, preventing them from the endless possibilities.

On the contrary, some entrepreneurs let the fear of failure propel them forward. Instead of letting fear tie them down, fear becomes their motivation. When faced with initial signs of failure, they put more initiative into their work in order to overcome what seems like failure. Instead of letting fear distract them, they put the fear behind them and let it push them toward their end-goal.

Many people are so afraid to fall that they refuse to take one brave step out on the water. Even if the future of your business venture seems unsteady, and obstacles crowd the path, keep your eyes on the target and work toward it. In the end, don’t let fear paralyze you, let it propel you.

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