Why You Should Consider Failure Pre-Success


Failure often has negative consequences. If you "fail" at something, you FEEL like a failure, you feel worthless and often times dejected. Of course, in the "startup world" failure is often a badge of honor and at times I think it's TOO much of an honor for startups.

However, overall, failure is a good thing. (See my video below)

People who don't fail won't have the chance to learn. Does this mean you want an airplane pilot, who has the lives of 300 people in their hands to "fail" in flight? No! But it does mean you hope he (or she) has had hours in a flight simulator so they can "fail" there.

For business owners, the beauty of failing, especially failing early in our careers, is that we can learn from those failures and look forward to future success, as Malcolm Gladwell is fond of saying.

When hiring, you don't want to hire someone who has failed OVER and OVER and OVER again - this means they don't learn from their mistakes. You do want to hire folks who have EXPERIENCE and have learned from mistakes and can apply that learning to your business.

Failure, it's just pre-success - look forward to it.

I'm teaching my daughter how to drive. Sure she's making mistakes, but does this mean she's a "failure"? No. It means she's going to adjust and get better and better. In this fourth business, Smart Hustle Magazine, I'm still learning, but I'd like to think I'm a bit smarter than I was in the first 3 companies.

What about you, are you learning? Are you failing? Are you getting better?

In the video below I speak with Vinay Pai, Intuit's Head of Developer Relations. He references a tip on failure, we learned at Quickbooks Connect.

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