Create a Marketing Video for Your Business With These Tips and Tools

How to Create a Marketing Video for Your Business

Video has increasingly proved itself to be an essential tool in any business's marketing tool box. It's the ideal way to tell the story of your business, your product, or you. It can easily put a human face on your business and help prospects and customers engage with you on an emotional level. And studies have shown that shoppers who are exposed to video on product pages are more likely to purchase.

Unfortunately, bad videos won't help your business. You have to produce something compelling. With that in mind, here are a few steps to help you create fascinating marketing videos for your business.

What is your goal?

Before you begin making your marketing video, you want to have a definite goal that you can aim for. Do you want your video to drive conversions for your product or service? Do you want it to improve your brand's reputation and recognition? Maybe the point of your video will be to teach your customer about your product and its many features?

How will you measure your video's success?

Determining the success of your video usually involves tracking the relevant metrics. This can be as simple as keeping track of the number of views your video receives. Or it could be the number of sales that result from the link in the video.

How long will your video be?

Long form videos (meaning longer than 10 minutes) are better for connecting with customers on a deep level as in video sales letters (VSL's) while short form videos are better for just about everything else. Short form videos are also more likely to go viral, if that is something that is important to you.

What's your budget?

This will determine if you are able to hire a professional to help you create your video or if you will be taking on the task in house. If you find that hiring a pro is in the budget, you can  locate excellent talent online through websites like Gumtree.

If you are going to handle the creation of your marketing video yourself, here are a few tools that will make it easier to create something professional and attractive.


This is a fresh way to present an infographic by making it into a video with accompanying narration. No matter how large your infographic is, you can zoom in and out, and fly around all over the place. It's simple to use and looks very sharp.


This is the best way to create a screencast video. Screencasts are great for demonstrating online processes and tutorials. There are some special features that also let you focus in on certain areas of your screen, add annotations and even URL's.


If you have raw video footage from your smartphone or a handheld video recorder you can use Magisto to edit it. The software will help you pick out which parts of the video it thinks are the best and will help you create a short video. You can then easily pick out music and personalize the titles. Other features such as themes and filters will add visual interest to your short videos.


This is a service that creates doodle videos. Those are the videos where you can watch a hand draw out the details of your story in high speed capture. This is not a free service, but the videos are incredibly compelling and all of the videos are one of a kind based on content that you provide.

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