Cleaning Company Founders Give Advice On Marketing Automation, Marriage and Niche Marketing

Hamish and Lisa Macqueen own Cleancorp, a commercial cleaning business based in Sydney, Australia. They've been able to put not only the marketing but also many of their businesses processes on "auto-pilot" due to the power of marketing automation, using Infusionsoft software. In my recent interview with them,  Lisa and Hamish share their advice on being marriage partners and business partners, not going too narrow in marketing and more.

The Macqueens also own Cleaning Marketer where they help cleaning business owners around the world succeed in the thing that they struggle with the most, and that is, how to attract a prospect, how to make a sale, and then how to keep their clients longer. Here is their advice:

Don’t Grow Your Business Alone. Get Help. Get Advice

Building a business is not easy. Don't go it alone. You need to pull a bit of help from here, a bit of help from there, you can't be the expert in everything. A lot of people think they are alone; I thought I was for a moment of time, but really when you start getting the right advice and the right people onboard, that's when the magic happens.

[Watch the full video interview below]

How Can Businesses Attract The Right Client?

One of the difficulties any small business will always have is how to attract clients? Then, once you land a client, how do they keep them? Because really, that's the magic piece of the puzzle, to keep those clients, it keeps your cost down. With any business, whether it's a cleaning business or any industry, that's where you're going to want to spend the most amount of time making sure that you're providing a great customer experience, serving your clients at the highest level and you providing incredible value. I think any business these days who is not focused on customer experience and value is going to be left behind in marketing and their field.

It's also important to provide excellent customer service.  Focus on the customer experience. Work hard to keep your clients; it will keep your costs down.

Why Is Marketing Automation So Important For Growing Businesses?

Using automation has made the difference between needing a massive team of people working in our office and not having to have a massive team. We've been able to leverage our time and ensure that we can deliver a consistent service and consistent communication, all the time without even having to think about it. Having the automation has helped support the business and by having that support we've been able to grow a lot faster than what we would've been able to do before and keep in touch with our prospects, and our clients, and now our workforce. I mean, every single system and process within Cleancorp is automated.

Marketing automation is like having an employee who works for you 24/7, doesn't hang up and say they're not coming in today. Marketing automation doesn’t sleep it's a repeated process.

Why Is Going Niche…Being Highly Targeted So Important?

Going niche is being 1 inch wide and a mile deep on the market that you serve the best. For Cleaning Marketer we serve cleaning businesses, that's what we know, that's where our expertise is. Being very, very much in the vertical space means that you're able to work very hard with those people who are also in that space, and you're able to understand what their problems and concerns and frustrations are and help them with it and provide a solution for it. Having a vertical market when you're in with Infusionsoft and using a CRM system makes things a lot simpler and a lot faster to implement because you can ... If you like, piggyback on somebody else's expertise, someone else has put the hard work and the grinding and understands all of those things that are going on in your particular industry that are very industry centric.

That can be a very, very big benefit to business owners.

What’s Your Secret To Being a Married Couple and Also Business Partners

We’ve always had little things like having our date nights, getting out, you just can't lose that sort of stuff. You actually get to catch up. Otherwise, you'll just get stuck on this big treadmill and never get off it and then before you know it, you drift.

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