Celebrity CEO: Break In and Stand Out, Even If You’re Not Famous

Do you know the secret to building a strong brand?

Your brand needs to be well defined, relevant and connected to your customers.


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Become a celebrity CEO and grow your business.

How to Become a Celebrity CEO

As a celebrity CEO, you become a well-known expert in your area of business, within a local or niche community. Over time, you’ll carefully cultivate a community of engaged fans, some of whom become happy and profitable customers. To do this, you market yourself as an authentic human being with genuine creativity, insight, experience, or just plain magnetism that attracts the right people. This is called personal branding.

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B2B and B2C businesses alike use personal branding to inspire, educate, and share stories that appeal to their ideal customers. From social media to speaking on the stage, publishing a book to putting out a podcast, Ramon’s mini e-course and ebook offer simple ideas to jumpstart your personal branding journey.

Ramon Ray

Why Ramon Ray?

Ramon is a sought-after global keynote speaker, event host, bestselling author, multi-business entrepreneur and Akimbo course instructor.

He has interviewed or shared the stage with celebrated influencers and entrepreneurs including:

  • President Barack Obama
  • Ivanka Trump
  • Lori Greiner and Daymond John from Shark Tank
  • Marcus Lemonis
  • Seth Godin
  • Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Founders and top experts from companies like Google, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, BizNinja and more.

Practical, hands-on and generous advice for anyone who has hesitated to bring their voice to the world. Thanks, Ramon, for caring enough to show the way.

How will the Celebrity CEO E-Course help me?

Ramon knows what it’s like to grow from side hustle to full-time entrepreneur, all while under pressure to pay the rent. Each daily email in the Celebrity CEO Recipe five-part series empowers you to take action on your branding right away. Most action items take only five or ten minutes to complete, and they’ll shape your business for a long time to come. Let Ramon’s fun, teachable stories and straightforward style inspire you to get noticed in a bigger way than you ever thought possible.

Here’s what you’ll accomplish during the e-course:

  • Discover what it takes to develop a personal brand that shines and reaches your ideal customers
  • Learn and execute Ramon’s number one branding and marketing secret
  • Begin building your own community of engaged fans that know, like, and trust you
  • Use simple techniques to ease networking awkwardness instantly
  • Get clear on what, when, and how to post on social media

Sure, you’ve probably dipped your toe into some of these marketing tactics already. But what would happen if you began strategically building and nurturing your special celebrity CEO community from the ground up?