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cash flow woes

5 Ways to Mitigate Cash Flow Woes

Cash crunches are a fact of business life. Clients drag their feet in paying you. Vendors want their money. And now COVID-19 means that even businesses who may have weathered those ups and downs relatively unscathed in the past are having trouble mitigating cash flow woes. While there are no simple answers for every business,...

Sridhar Vembu - Zoho

Tech CEO’s Inspiration From Farming. Zoho Founder On the Lies of Cloud, Startups Funding and more.

Everytime I hear Sridhar Vembu, cofounder of Zoho speak, I get goose bumps and chills. I attend many tech focused events, hearing from tech executives and founders sharing their view of the world. Most of the talk is focused on products, politics, culture or other topics that aren't necessarily NEW or inspiring. Sridhar's presentations are...


Finance Basics for Small Business Owners

There are some things you should know how to do as a business owner and leader. One of the most important--understanding your business’s finances. Some business owners feel that finances are not their strength so they shy away from that aspect of their business. But, this creates a vicious cycle—the less time you spend...

business credit

Good Credit is Good For Business: Nav is Making it Even Easier to Build Business Credit

Unless you are running a business that specializes in providing financial services, dealing with your own business finances probably isn’t your favorite thing in the world to do.  One of the first financial barriers business owners face is securing capital. Female entrepreneurs, on average, have even more difficulty. But did you know that there...