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Ramon’s Top 10 Show – 21 Oct 2021 – When Should You Fire a Customer

  1. Using Your House for a Movie Set Can be Good but Disruptive (WSJ)
  2. How To Fix Facebook, IG and Social Media – Change the Defaults (WSJ)
    1. Don’t show notifications
    2. Change the way posts are viewed – back to chronological (not by algorithm)
    3. Limited data collection
  3. What Makes a Great YouTube Channel (Yost)
    1. A clear value proposition for subscribers
    2. All killer content and no filler
    3. Featured sections on the home page
    4. A channel trailer and a featured video
    5. Beautifully designed and consistent thumbnails
    6. Click-worthy titles
    7. Content to meet search demand
    8. Content to keep audiences coming back
  4. You Burn Fewer Calories Than You Think When working Out
    1. Working out is useful but not just for “burning calories”
    2. Studies show your body COMPENSATES when you burn fat
    3. Eating healthy is important – not just exercise
  5. How You Tube Helps Its Top Stars
    1. YouTube, a unit of Alphabet Inc.’s GOOG -0.98% Google, has more than 1,000 employees across 45 countries to offer advice and guidance to its creators, and executives say it is hiring more.
    2. YouTube’s strategic partnership managers advise about 12,000 creators, said Jamie Byrne, the platform’s senior director of creator partnerships. Each is assigned a portfolio of about 10 to 20 video makers.
  6. Retiring at 65 – Contribute to your retirement IRA
  7. Digital Payments are Nice Be Be Careful
    1. Automatic payments that are pricey
    2. Auto payments that increase
    3. Money being paid on things you don’t need
  8. Not every good worker has to be a super star (BBC)
    1. Middle-of-the-pack employees are often maligned or even misunderstood, according to Paul White, a Kansas, US-based psychologist specialising in workplace culture. “Think about any curve, and most people are somewhere in the middle,” he says. “Most employees are average, and that’s a good thing.”
    2. Dayo of Wisdom App -talked about she’s focused on the MIDDLE creators too – NOT just superstars
    3. It’s ok to be average
  9. When Should You Fire a Customer (BuiltIn)
    1. Falls behind on bills
    2. Team can’t satisfy the customer
    3. Customer repeatedly demands lower price
  10. Ramon’s Top Tools
    1. Social Media Manager – Agora Pulise
    2. Customer Relationships Manager – Keap
    3. Transcription – Rev (or Otter)
    4. Write blog posts – Contentfly
    5. Hire talent/team – Upwork
    6. Great graphics – Canva
    7. Time management – Calendly mastering
    8. Project management – ASANA
    9. Email management – Google (fast replies, auto filters, fast prioritization)
    10. Personal video – BombBomb
  11. Metaverse – Facebook Changing its Name
    1. Calm down it’s not gonna affect your life today
    2. Sit up and take notice this could affect you’re life tomorrow and today
    3. What is a metaverse –  a developing digital platform enhanced by augmented and virtual reality where people interact through digital avatars.
    4. Stay abreast of the DIGITAL world the DIGITAL revolution – Don’t get left behind
    5. Do you want a world of no privacy – you have a TOUGH choice
    6. Is Facebook evil – maybe. Or is it just taking advantage of those who want a lot of FREE connectivity to each other
    7. AR glasses can sense a lot about you and your emotions – combined with your social data – SCARY
    8. The “rebrand” is a corporate restructuring to give it broader legal protection from a government mandated break up
    9. This was in the works before the whistleblower reveal
    10. NFTs, Crypto, Blockchain – not to be ignored
    11. You can’t fight the digital revolution – embrace it or get run over. YOU CAN limit how you interact with it.
    12. Brian FanzoKimberly KingBrooke J Lacey – Kelsey Stark

Ramon’s Top 10 Show – 14 Oct 2021

  1. Embracing Your No – Alexandra Carter
    – Book – Ask for More
    – Ask more questions to turn a no to a yes
    – Sometimes a no keeps you from a bad yes
  2. Is it a Distraction or an Investment (DM “Distractions” to Ramon on IG for the full list)
    -Am I doing too much
    -Is this going to move me forward
    – Can I test it and then let it go
    – Am I evaluating my time
    – Get the basics of life right FIRST – family, health/fitness, God, community
    – Get the basics of business right first (leadership, marketing, finance, operations)
    – You can only do so much at any given time
    – Don’t just do it to follow others
    – Understand you will fail
  3. How to Design a Logo (Hello Alice)
    – Does it represent you
    – Does it stand out
    – Is it memorable
  4. The Importance Of Understanding Your Customer (Weave)
    – Demographics and Behavior/Mindset
    – Be Your Own Customer
    – Follow up with your customer
  5. Twitter Blue Button Subscription (Social Media Today)
    – Add more value
    – People get bored so keep things fresh
    – Your competitors keep you on your toes
  6. 5 Hour Live Experience – Survive and Thrive Summit – Nov 10th
    – 5 hours of entertainment
    – 5 hours LIVE of practical advice
    – Focused on growing your SOLO business
  7. The TikTok Economy (Forbes)
    – Is TikTok moving beyond “just kids)
    – Is it more than just dancing videos
    – Is it time for YOU to INVEST in it
  8. The Lawyer You Hire Matters (Inc)
    – Area of expertise
    – Fit for you
    – Wrong attorney into the job – they’ll make mistakes
  9. 10 Ideas to Spark Content Creation (Content Marketing Institute)
    – Open your eyes
    – See angles in everything
    – Write down notes
  10. Rejected for SXSW Panel Pick and…
    – In Dallas for the Embrace Your Ambition Conference
    – in Las Vegas for NetSuite
    Grow For God Conference in Nov

Ramon’s Top 10 Show – 7 October 2021

    1. Ramon’s Top 10 Books – DM – “Best books” to Ramon on Instagram @ramonraysmarthustle
    2. Samsung Galaxy’s Foldable-Phone Pitch: Just Try Them, You’ll Like Them
      2. Early adapter
      3. Trying something new
      4. The market didn’t ask for it
  • Tory Burch Foundation Fellowship Program
      2. 1-Year Fellowship
      3. Premier Peer Network
      4. $5,000 Grant
      5. Trip to the Tory Burch Offices
  • How Peyton and Eli Manning Are Changing Television
      2. Entertainment and Engaged Communication
      3. Commentary
      4. Power of Influencers
      5. Keep things Fresh
  • Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Outage: What to Do When Your Online Life Vanishes
      2. Keep Your Own Contacts
      3. Use Email Not Just Social
      4. Backup Your Data
      5. Build Your Business on Multiple Platforms
  • Three Ways Facebook’s Outage Shows Small Business Vulnerability
  • Why Servant Leadership is Becoming the Leadership Style of the Future
  • Stress Management Tips for Entrepreneurs
  • Burned Out? Maybe You Should Care Less About Your Job
  • 10 Money Traps to Avoid
      2. No-Money-Down Plans
      3. Car Leases
      4. Timeshares
      5. Adjustable-Rate Mortgages (ARMs)
      6. Subscription Scams
      7. Surprise Contest Winnings
      8. Payday Loans
      9. Investment Scams
      10. Credit Cards
      11. Student Loans
  • Top 4 Branding Mistakes and How To Avoid Them
  • How To Build A Tight-Knit Team Across Time Zones

Ramon’s Top 10 for 30 Sep 2021

Self-Care: Don’t Be The Reason You Burnout

    2. You must be WHOLE and HEALTHy to serve others
    3. It’s ok to be goodly selfish with yourself
    4. God, Health, Others/Relationships

What Is Mobile Marketing and Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore It

    2. Most online content is consumed on a MOBILE device
    3. Be sure your content looks good on MOBILE

10 Podcasts That Every Leader Should Have In Their Listening Queue

    2. Podcast Reviews
    3. Podcasts of BWC Hosts
    4. Ramon’s Smart Hustle Podcast – 

Olive Garden Parent Cautious on Raising Pasta Prices

      1. Pricing is a component of your value to the market
      2. Pricing CHEAP is not the best way to think
      3. Pricing is related to MINDSET

6 Leadership Lessons From Rob Chesnut, Former Chief Ethics Officer at Airbnb

    2. Integrity is now a business matter.
    3. Companies need to think intentionally about driving integrity into their culture.
    4. Everyone thinks they have integrity, even those at companies that have fallen from integrity issues
    5. Integrity is an uncomfortable topic, but as a leader you must talk about it
    6. What you measure really matters because you end up doing what you measure.
    7. Integrity is not compliance.

What to Know About Second Chance Hiring and Why It Could Help Solve Your Labor Problems

    2. Give OTHERS a chance
    3. Give yourself a chance
    4. Second chance people are often VERY grateful and cautious

How to Score the Best Luxury Hotel Deals: 5 Expert Tips

      1. Time it right
      2. Bundle up
      3. Look at underhyped destinations
      4. Check the source
      5. Work with a travel adviser

Designers Try Selling Clothes First, Making Them Later

    2. Your own “fund raising”

How to Save Money for a New Business

    2. Budget
    3. Get out of debt
    4. Negotiate
    5. Emergency fund
    6. Don’t quite day job
    7. Find hidden cash
    8. Trade and barter
    9. Sacrifice
    10. Automate savings
    11. Scale back

Burned Out and Restless From the Pandemic, Women Redefine Their Career Ambitions


Ramon’s Top 10 for 22 Sep 2021

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    1. 6 TikTok Storytelling Frameworks to Consider in Your Marketing Approach – Social Media Today

      1. Story of your product
      2. Results first and work backwards
      3. Elevator pitch
      4. Step by step
      5. Built into routine
      6. Easy, fast, reliable
    2. Questions to ask when checking references – Jason Fried

      1. What’s something that would surprise us about them?
      2. What don’t they get enough credit for?
      3. What’s the one thing nearly everyone would say about them?
    3. 3 Strategic Shifts that Will Help Your Business go from Six to Seven Figures a Year –

      1. Rethinking the client acquisition process
      2. Selling high-ticket offers is easier than selling low-ticket offers
      3. “Who?”, not “How?” – outsource / find what you’re best in / build the team
    4. Five Ways to Train Your Brain for Another Covid Season – WSJ

      1. Mine the Negatives for Positives
      2. Change Up Habits
      3. Give Yourself Credit
      4. Reset Workplace Expectations
      5. Lend an Ear, and a Hand
    5. Becoming a Morning Person Doesn’t Have to Be Hard
    6. Get Different, new book by Mike Michalowicz

      1. Does it differentiate?
      2. Does it attract?
      3. Does it direct?
    7. Amazon Community Lending pilot program to fuel small business growth

      1. Access to short-term loans of up to $100,000 at competitive and affordable rates to sustain and grow their businesses.
      2. Amazon sellers account for more than half of all units sold in Amazon’s store.
      3. Amazon sellers can use the working capital to grow their business in Amazon’s store and to cover other strategic business needs—such as staffing and operations costs, inventory, product development and manufacturing, and marketing efforts—to build their brands and grow their customer base.
    8. Local Car Dealer to Global Business and Personal Development Coach 

      1. 800% growth in car sales
      2. Host of the top podcast in the world
      3. Inspiring people to start their days off better
      4. How to LEADD a great meeting and build a powerful company culture
    9. What Are QR Codes and Why Use Them for Marketing

      1. Increase web traffic
      2.  Promote your app
      3. Locating your business
      4. Get product reviews
    10. Is it time to get new business cards – Ramon’s 5 new designs

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Loving the Desert Experience. Enjoying the Hard Times.

Shared 21 Sep 2021 – 2pm EST

Do you love the hard times of life and business.

In 1 Sam 23:14, in the Bible, it reads how David hid in the desert away from Saul.

A desert is a place of death, famine, heat, cold, starvation, no vegetation, no water.

It’s hard, miserable, tough.

However, if you can adapt to “the desert” of your life it makes you strong, adaptable and builds resiliency.

When you’re in the desert the second time it’s a source of comfort.

David was “born” in and grew up in the desert.

His fighting skills were honed in the desert – keeping sheep and fighting bears and lions.

Be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

David Goggins – says that ONE of the reasons he succeeded in being a multi time special forces operator was because he was hurt so much in life, the pain of special forces training was nothing.

Another thing about the desert of life is that at times God takes you through the desert to GET YOUR ATTENTION.

Moses was in Egypt with all his needs met. He had the “PERFECT life”. God moved him from Egypt to the desert to get his attention and speak to him through the burning bush.

God may use the desert in your life as your place of protection.

Psalm 23 – He maketh me lie down in green pastures.

Psalm 1 – He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most high

These green pastures and most high could be in the desert.

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