Getter CEO Jason Miller

Gettr CEO Jason Miller Talks About Birthing A New Social App

Gettr is a brand new social app, launched by Jason Miller, on July 4th, 2021. In our interview, he describes Gettr as a free speech platform, that opposes "cancel culture". While most of the top users on Getter are very "conservative" voices, Jason said the app is not about a particular political affiliation. His vision is...

social media tips

Social Media Power Tips – 7 Experts Share Their 7 Secrets

7 experts got together and shared their best tips for social media marketing. They shared this on the Entrepreneur Facebook page, hosted by social media marketer Kim Walsh Phillips. These experts include: Glenn Lundy , Dana Bowling, Dhomonique Murphy, Carmelia Ray , Daniel Robbins , Rachel DeAlto, and Ramon Ray, founder of All of these experts and more will...

How to succeed in business

How To Succeed in Business. 8 Ways We Did It.

There are many different paths to success and many different definitions of how to succeed in business. For some, success means spending more time with their families. For others, it's making a billion-dollar exit of their business. No matter what your definition of success is, some of the ingredients of success will be the same. Guy Raz's book...

scale your business

Building Your Scalable Business. Thryv Exec’s Insights for Success

What’s your small business operating system? If that question leaves you stumped, you might want to think about whether you’re really running your business, or whether your business is running you. Most small business owners started their business to gain more freedom, yet they find themselves working harder than ever– with less freedom. If that sounds like...

increase cash flow

Plastiq Helps You Pay and Get Paid Faster to Increase Cash Flow

Cash flow is the lifeline of your business. Whether it is the need for more capital from your supplier or hiring new employees — you cannot make better decisions to grow your business if you don't have good cash flow. What's more, good cash flow can help your company secure a loan with less...

Listening and Beyond Summit

26 Top Business Leaders Converge In New York at the Listening and Beyond Summit

26 of America's top business minds converge in New York City for the Listening and Beyond Marketing and Mindset Summit. This two-day event, taking place on July 29th and 30th, brings together over 20 speakers for 2 days of powerful insights. The discussions will focus on the mindset and the marketing aspects of business. Scaling a...

all-in-one payment solution

Plastiq’s All-in-One Payment Solution Can Help Your Small Business Grow Fast

Business owners make multiple payments regularly. Vendors, business expenses, suppliers, raw materials, taxes, rent are just a few. Making timely payments to everyone is critical for your business to operate like a well-oiled machine. Be it a vendor or supplier, a slight delay in payment can damage your business relationship and your ability to make the payments...

The War on Small Business Carol Roth

Entrepreneurs, We All Need To Help Stop The War on Small Business

Insights from Carol Roth's new book The War on Small Business, now out and available. Small Business Survival It’s never been harder for a small business to start, thrive or survive than it is today. If you were lucky enough to have a small business that was deemed “essential” by government mandate in early 2020, you may...

small business marketing

Your Marketing Doesn’t Work Because You’re Afraid To Showcase How You’re Different

There are two things that make marketing very effective. Unfortunately so many businesses, especially smaller businesses, only focus on one part. We focus so much on the tactics and tools of marketing, which are important, but we don't spend enough time on the MESSAGE of what makes us different. We spend more time trying to...

Terrell Owens

Terrell Owens – from Athlete to Entrepreneur

Dave Kerpen, entrepreneur, best-selling author, father, and dad, interviewed NFL athlete, Terrell Owens. The interview was part of the Celebrity Ask Me Anything show in the Likeable Business Club, which is part of Listening and Beyond, founded by Dave and Randi Zuckerberg. Sign up for the “clubhouse” first in-person, here  Here’s an overview of their...

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