A Mom & Daughter’s Side Hustle With Flavor

When passion and skill come together, great things are born. And in this case, amazing tastes are created too. Keep reading to learn about Camella’s Kitchen, and how a mother-daughter-duo brought their cultural roots to the public through their love of food & their side hustle.

Camella’s Kitchen was founded by Karen and Nyana, a mother-daughter-duo originally from Trinidad and Tobago. Based in Maryland, they are bringing the flavors of their Caribbean home to the DC metro area. Selling gourmet sauces, marinades, cakes, and more. Their delicious recipes are made in small batches and are crafted to ensure quality. With tradition in mind, they use all-natural flavors and avoid artificial preservatives and colors. 

“Our kitchen is a reflection of Ms. Camella’s kitchen, and we will use it to create and share our local Caribbean delights with the world.” - Karen, owner Camella’s Kitchen

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More than just skill

Karen has decades of experience crafting Caribbean delicacies, having learned from her mother, Ms. Camella. Karen also received her food certification while living in Trinidad, and then taught her daughter, Nyana, continuing the legacy of Ms. Camella.

But starting a business takes more than just expert skill in what you’re providing the public through products or services. Managing a successful business means having to dabble in accounting, marketing, operations, and more. 

Karen and Nyana want to be successful, and they know it means putting in the time and work. They’ve committed themselves to reading books, listening to podcasts, and have gotten legal counsel and learned from SCORE business mentors.

They’ve also given themselves specific roles and responsibilities: Karen is the chef and main cook, while Nyana manages marketing and fulfillment.


Marketing is Key

Nyana said, "If no one knows about us, we can't sell." And we couldn’t agree with this young entrepreneur more. Your products can be the best in the market, but if the public doesn’t know you exist, then your work goes unnoticed. And getting noticed happens both online and offline, but that’s not news to this duo. 

Karen and Nyana have decided to focus their marketing efforts equally across online marketing and also offline networking. They’re attending local events and meeting other businesses and prospective customers. Online, they’re focusing on primarily on Instagram to reach a new audience as well as stay in touch with their current customers. Speaking of current customers, they are already seeing repeat business, which is a great sign. Repeat business means that you’re doing something right, and every business needs to know what to continue, and what to change. Repeat customers provides some insight into this information, which is beyond valuable. And this is especially important when you are in the early stages of starting a business.

“If no one knows about us, we can’t sell.” - Nyana, owner Camella's Kitchen

Side Hustle or Main Hustle?

While they work on building up Camella’s Kitchen, both ladies are working more standard 9-5 jobs. The goal is to turn their side hustle into a full-time gig, and we have a good feeling they will turn this goal into reality. 

Karen said that Nyana's wonderful to work with and is also a wonderful asset of the business. “Without my daughter, the business would not be here.”

Show them some love at camellaskitchen.com, and give them a follow on social media. Their tag line, live your sauciest life, says a lot about their personality and wit, which we think is going to be well received by their followers. 


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