6 Easy Ways to Secure Your Business and Find Peace of Mind

6 Easy Ways to Secure Your Business and Find Peace of Mind

The average cost of a data breach is on the rise, hitting $3.79 million in 2015, which was an increase of 23 percent over 2013 and 2014. When a business’s customer data is compromised, the financial loss that comes from damaged customer relationships can close that business’s doors for good. That is in addition to the cost of repairing any security issues and notifying customers that their information may have been compromised.

If you think your business could never fall victim to a security breach, you are likely wrong. Hackers have one primary goal: to steal information and money. They do not discriminate by choosing their targets; they simply target as many people as possible to up the odds they’ll be successful. Unlike large enterprises who have automated systems in place that analyze suspicious activity and have the ability to head it off before being breached, small businesses see infections spread through a local network, often unnoticed until it is too late.  Here are six ways to secure and protect your business and thwart of attempts from hackers to get into your system.

Keep Systems Updated

Not updating your system is like leaving the front door of your home unlocked and not turning on the security system. The best defense against attacks is putting the right software between your systems and outsiders. This includes malware protection and encryption, as well as the protections that are built into your operating systems. It is important to ensure your software remains updated at all times for optimum protection.

Hire Cautiously

Pre-screening processes are essential to making sure your business is staffed with trustworthy, professional employees who will fit into your culture. Pre-employment background checks can give you the information you need to avoid making a critical hiring mistake. Perhaps the best information, however, will come from calling an employee’s references, who will, at least, give you the confidence of knowing you have a good candidate.

Educate Employees

Employee negligence can be a serious problem for businesses, especially since they have access to sensitive systems. By taking the time to train employees on the importance of password safety, preventing phishing attacks, and responsible mobile device use, you can save your business from a security incident.

Limit Access

A best practice as you are setting up employee accounts is to strategically limit access to resources based on employee groups. This can be done by creating different subnets, which is an easy way of blocking all computers from accessing each other. This way, if someone in your legal department is infected, it will not expose the folks in finance or admin, and will stay only within the subnet the infected computer exists within.

Device Control

USB devices are a known to be a possible security breach, so putting device control and protection measures in place are essential to protecting your overall system.

Your physical devices are also as important as the software that resides on them. If you have server equipment on-site, make sure it is stored in a locked area with access available only to authorized personnel. To keep mobile devices safe, set them up to require lock codes and enable remote wipe capabilities in case they should ever fall into the wrong hands.

Run Reports

Security solutions like Bitdefender now build in reports that let administrators monitor what is going on in their systems at all times. Through a central dashboard, you’ll be able to watch events in real time, identifying problems before they can get worse. You can also schedule reports to pull at scheduled times. With notifications, you can set your systems up to send alerts directly to your email when certain events occur.

Good security is a combination of the right software and responsible employee behaviors. When you put the right employees in place and train those employees on safe technology use, you can keep your systems safe and give yourself the peace of mind that comes with knowing your systems are as secure as possible.


This article is written in partnership with, and sponsored by, Bitdefender. All views expressed are solely those of the author, not Bitdefender. For additional information from the sponsor on small business security, visit them on the web at www.bitdefender.com/. You can also join them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter at @Bitdefender


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