3 Team-Building Tips to Create an Active and Innovative Team

To whom do you owe your success? While some business owners credit mentors, advisors, or their own hard work, others say they have triumphed thanks to competent and trusted team members. As I was going through my personal interview archives, I rediscovered this interview with Erin Walter of Nuphoriq, who thanks her team for the success of her marketing company and also shares some team-building tips.

Building a Team – Nuphoriq’s Story

Nuphoriq is a full-service marketing company that focuses on helping caterers grow their businesses. Before Erin started the company, she worked for Tasty Catering, a large catering company based out of Chicago. The company accepted many marketing interns and Erin helped train them and cultivate their skills. At the end of the internships, some would be hired in but, unfortunately, there were more interns than available positions.

Instead of saying goodbye to this brilliant group of workers, Erin decided to start a company where she could retain the talented people that she and Tasty Catering worked so hard to develop. Tasty Catering is a well-known brand, so the association with the company helped establish Nuphoriq as a trusted partner for caterer marketing. However, the new business was first and foremost built around its talented team members.

3 Team-Building Tips

Erin says other small business owners should also focus on their teams. “I feel like, as a group, we’ve been able to do so much more. They’ve been able to help me push the company forward. If I were doing it on my own, it would have been much slower, and I probably wouldn’t have solved the problems in the same way.” As Erin explained her own experience with her team, I gathered these team-building tips.

1. Recognize that you can’t solve all of the problems by yourself.

A business owner is a leader, but leading isn’t the same thing as doing everything yourself. The team’s input can help you solve problems because it allows you to look at the same problem from many different angles.

2. Establish a culture where team members feel comfortable contributing.

Erin has used team building processes and positive office culture in order to make an environment where the team knows it is okay to share opinions and that their input is valued.

3. Weigh team member input when you make decisions.

As the CEO, Erin knows she will make the final call. However, by soliciting opinions from the team, she can weigh everybody’s thoughts and opinions to make the best possible decision.

As Erin mentions in the interview, there is a tremendous relief you feel when you know you have a talented and loyal team to fall back on. “We’ll hit speed bumps along the way in the future but, once again, I don’t lose any sleep over it because I know when a challenge or problem comes up, we’re able to just break it down and address it and work together to rebuild.”

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